Welcome to The Conscious & Creative Entrepreneurs Society Membership!

Welcome to Tier 1: Masterclass & Community Membership

Inside the CCE Society you'll find classes, courses, live programs and in addition, a community group available to the 2 tiers. The membership has classes and courses in branding, marketing, launching, sales and scaling, CEO mindset, financial planning, tech, and more!

The Membership Tiers

The membership is broken up into 2 different tiers. The masterclass pass and the all masterclass & courses pass!

Membership Tier Breakdown:

Both tiers come with access to our community group on mighty networks where you can ask Q's, gain support and meet new folks inside CCE!

  • Tier 1: Masterclass membership ($24.99/mo)

    You'll get access to all previous membership monthly trainings, masterclass recordings and will be invited to any new live masterclasses!

  • Tier 2: All classes & courses membership ($47.99/mo)

    You'll get access to all previous membership monthly trainings, masterclass recordings, access to all e-courses and will be invited to any new live masterclass and access to the community support group!

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  • $49.99 / month

    $49.99 / monthCCE Society Tier 2

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  • What if I can't make the live masterclasses or courses?

    All classes & courses are recorded and uploaded into your course portals you will have access to! You'll be notified via email once the replay is live, usually within 24-48 hours of the live call! The only thing NOT recorded is our masterminds for privacy purposes!

  • How do I get access to new the new classes and courses?

    When you join the membership, you'll be given an email list to join based on which tier you chose. You will be emailed with the appropriate links to your email list!

  • Do I have to commit to a whole year?

    No! Currently you can join monthly, quarterly, for 6 months or a year for both of the tiers! However, we do not offer refunds. If you join, and within 24-48 hours you are unhappy with your purchase, just email schoolofcce@gmail.com and we will see what we can do. I do not guarantee any refunds, but we want to be sure you're happy with your purchase!

  • Can I cancel at any time?

    Yes! You can join for one month, and cancel up to one day before the month is over! You can also cancel your yearly subscription as well at any time before your 1 year renewal! Note that cancelling does not generate a refund, it just ends your subscription. We understand that you may just want to try us out for a month or have things that come up where you'll no longer be able to commit. All sales are final after purchase. Cancellations must be processed by you (there are notes inside the course how to cancel, we don't hide it)!.

  • Who do I contact with questions or support needs?

    For any membership event, community care, and urgent membership questions email my team and I at: schoolofcce@gmail.com . For help with cancellations contact Thinkific Support or See the "how to cancel" section INSIDE the membership course portal!

  • What if I already own & paid for some of the classes and courses?

    Due to the nature of this membership structure, we won't be offering partial refunds for what you have already joined. This is because you'll also be getting access to other offers and a community at a very inclusive rate!

Membership Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome + Membership Rules

    • Welcome to the Membership!
    • How to gain access to your Tier! (ACTION REQUIRED)!!!
    • Membership Policies
    • Values and Inclusion Statment
    • Billing & account management
  • 2

    Featured Curriculum: How to use Notion for your Business + Build a website on Notion Masterclass, Template & Tutorials!

    • Notion Tutorial, Part 1: How to use Notion for your Business Tutorial
    • Notion Tutorial, Part 2: How to use + create Notion Templates
    • How to build your own Notion Website + Template Walkthrough
    • Notion Website Template
  • 3

    Conscious Content and Marketing Strategy

    • Sell on Stories Masterclass
    • Sell on Stories Masterclass Presentation Outline and Templates
    • Creative Captivating & Converting Content through your Authentic Brand Voice
    • Captivating & Converting Content Presentation Outline & Action Steps
    • Content Strategy Workshop Part 1: Creating your strategy
    • Content strategy workbook
    • Content Strategy Workshop Part 2: Planning content
    • Weekly content planner template
    • Multi Channel Marketing Planner
    • Intro to Pinterest Marketing Strategy
    • Intro to Meta Ads with Marketing Expert Allie La Roe
    • Creating your Meta Ads Interactive Workbook
  • 4

    Conscious Branding

    • Intro to Conscious Branding (Meaningful & Magnetic Branding Course Sneak Peek)!
    • Conscious Branding Reflective Journaling Exercise
    • Conscious Branding Social Media Challenge
    • Guest Expert: Racheal Bahre, Anchoring in your Brand Magick using NLP Scent Stating
    • Brand Mission Statement Development
    • Royalty Free Design Guide
    • Royalty Free Stock Photo Guide
  • 5

    Planning Strategy

    • Planning with the Cycles & The Seasons with Sara Southerland, From Future Self Health
    • Planning with Cycles & Seasons Presentation from Sara Southerland of Future Self Health
  • 6

    Launch Strategy

    • How to Create a High Converting Launch Funnel Masterclass
    • High Converting Launch Funnel Masterclass Presentation
    • Intro to Ethical & Effective Launching
    • Ethical and Effective Launching Presentation
    • Enrollment styles guide
    • Ethical Launching Guide
    • How to Create a High Converting Masterclass & Pitch (Part 1)
    • How to Create a High Converting Masterclass & Pitch (Part 2)
    • How to Create a High Converting Masterclass & Pitch Presentation
    • Masterclass Outline Template
  • 7

    Sales Strategy

    • Intro to Scaling your Business Impact and Income
    • Intro to Scaling Module Presentation
    • Scaling goal setting and preparation reflection
    • Income planning calculator
    • Quarterly Launch & Sales Strategy Planner Template (MAKE A COPY)
  • 8

    Wealth Mindset and Wealth Building

    • Pricing Strategy with Guest Expert, Ryan Ruth
    • Pricing Strategy Presentation with Ryan Ruth
  • 9

    Mental Health + Mindset Support

    • How to overcome Imposter Syndrome with NLP & Mindset Coach Lauren Tamayo
    • Alissa Cedepda Guest Feature Training: Getting out of your head and into your body
    • Alissa Cedepa training guide
  • 10

    CEO Mindset

    • Embodied CEO Masterclass
    • ECEO Masterclass Presentation
    • ECEO Behaviors Guide
    • ECEO Self Audit
  • 11

    Design & Tech

    • How to create a mini website on Canva Design Tutorial
    • QR Codes workshop with Tina from Visual Flo Co
  • 12

    Accounting & Financial Planning

    • The Sales & Income Planning Workshop
    • The Sales & Income Planning Workshop Presentation
    • Sales calculator
    • Quarterly launch & strategy planner Notion template (Do not edit, please make a copy)
  • 13

    Legally Legit

    • Legally Legit Tool Kit
  • 14

    Conscious Communication & Community Building

    • Conscious Community Building
    • Community building ideas bank
  • 15

    Guest speaker Directory

    • Alissa Cedepa of the Illuminated Soul
    • Ryan Ruth of R & R financial and business consultant
    • Rachael Bahre NLP and Empowerment Coach
    • Lauren Tamayo, Business Mindset & NLP Coach
    • Tina Floersch from Visual Flo Co
    • Alie La Roe, Singer, Songwriter & Marketer
    • Sara Southerland of Future Self Health